Mobile Marketing & Communications Platform (MMCP)

An all-in-one messaging solution with SMS, MMS, Digital Coupons, and Loyalty Kiosk to take your customer engagement to the next level!

Helping our clients communicate faster and more effectively with their customers, prospects, and employees, by adding text messaging communications to their business.

Choose from a variety of business solutions, including:

✔ Text Alerts✔ Mobile Coupons
✔ Digital Loyalty Kiosk✔ Birthday Offers
✔ Opt-In Web Forms✔ Mobile Surveys
✔ Text to Win / Contests✔ Mobile Trivia
✔ Text to Donate✔ Inactive Customer Alerts
✔ Appointment Reminders✔ Reputation Management &
    Review Generation

Text messaging is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way for businesses to reach their customers, prospects, and employees

Skip the phone calls and emails and start leveraging the power of texting – the medium your customers prefer! Text messages have an open rate of 98% compared with just 22% for emails.

How the service works:

  1. We text enable your existing business number OR provide your business with its own unique messaging code (5 or 10-digit available):
    • Your customers are already calling your landline, VoIP or toll-free number. Our system text enables that number so you can give customers the option to “text or call” you.
      *Optionally you can choose to use one of our shared messaging short codes, toll free numbers, or 10-digit long codes.
  2. Your client gets access to our powerful text messaging software and features.
    • Our user-friendly software is packed with features and allows you to text customers from wherever you work. Simply login from your computer, tablet, or mobile device and start texting using our advanced system and automation features.
  3. Messages are sent securely through our reliable network.
    • Our connections with top-tier wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, as well as Tier 2 and 3 regional carriers, set as apart from other texting platforms and ensure the maximum deliverability of messages to your customers.

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